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01 The ABC'S of Salvation Acknowledge = yourself as a sinner.TXT0 K01.bat0 K02 The ABC'S of Salvation Believe = in Jesus Christ as Savior..TXT1 K02.BAT1 K
03 The ABC'S of Salvation Confess = with your mouth.TXT1 K03.BAT1 K04 All have sinned and need saved.TXT5 K04.BAT3 K
05 The Bible is God's Word for Salvation.TXT8 K05.BAT5 K06 The Sinner and Sin conditions.TXT23 K06.BAT13 K
07 Jesus Christ paid the price by death for Sin and to save sinners.TXT15 K07.BAT13 K08 All sin and secret things are known by God.TXT4 K08.BAT3 K
09 We are saved by faith not by works.TXT11 K09.BAT7 K10 Good works and service will not forgive sin.TXT11 K10.BAT7 K
11 There is a judgment on all sin.TXT39 K11.BAT20 K12 The judge is God over all men.TXT8 K12.BAT4 K
13 Trusting in God there is security for salvation and eternity.TXT20 K13.BAT16 K14 God's heart is to love and save those who call on Him.TXT29 K14.BAT22 K
15 Now it the time to accept not reject His salvation.TXT11 K15.BAT8 K16 There is only one way to salvation. Jesus Christ.TXT9 K16.BAT7 K
17 Coming back to the LORD for forgiveness and pardon.TXT6 K17.BAT4 K18 Key words on salvation Repentance, Confession, Restitution, Reformation.TXT8 K18.BAT7 K
19 Confessing our testimony to others.TXT4 K19.BAT2 K20 Your choice today as He is calling all to be saved.TXT11 K20.BAT8 K
21 Letting others know of your heart decision.TXT0 K21.BAT0 Kright.html31 K

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