wafer wafers wag
wages wagging wagon wagons
wail wailed wailing wait
waited waiteth waiting wake
waked wakened wakeneth waketh
waking walk walked walkedst
walkest walketh walking wall
walled wallow wallowed wallowing
walls wander wandered wanderers
wanderest wandereth wandering wanderings
want wanted wanteth wanting
wanton wantonness wants war
ward wardrobe wards ware
wares warfare warm warmed
warmeth warming warn warned
warning warp warred warreth
warring warrior warriors wars
was wash washed washest
washing washings washpot wast
waste wasted wasteness waster
wastes wasteth wasting watch
watched watcher watchers watches
watcheth watchful watching watchings
watchman watchman_s WATCHMAN'S WATCHMANS_
watchmen watchtower water watercourse
watered wateredst waterest watereth
waterflood watering waterpot waterpots
waters waterspouts watersprings wave
waved wavereth wavering waves
wax waxed waxen waxeth
waxing way wayfaring waymarks
ways wayside we weak
weaken weakened weakeneth weaker
weakness wealth wealthy weaned
weapon weapons wear weareth
wearied wearieth weariness wearing
wearisome weary weasel weather
weave weaver weaver_s WEAVER'S
WEAVERS_ weavest web webs
wedding wedge wedlock weeds
week weeks weep weepest
weepeth weeping weigh weighed
weigheth weighing weight weightier
weights weighty welfare well
well_s wellbeloved wellfavoured wellpleasing
wells WELL'S WELLS_ wellspring
wen wench went wentest
wept were wert west
western westward wet whale
whale_s whales WHALE'S WHALES_
what whatsoever wheat wheaten
wheel wheels whelp whelps
when whence whensoever where
whereabout whereas whereby wherefore
wherein whereinsoever whereinto whereof
whereon wheresoever whereto whereunto
whereupon wherewith wherewithal whet
whether which while whiles
whilst whip whips whirleth
whirlwind whirlwinds whisper whispered
whisperer whisperers whisperings whit
white whited whiter whither
whithersoever who whole wholesome
wholly whom whomsoever whore
whore_s whoredom whoredoms whoremonger
whoremongers whores WHORE'S WHORES_
whoring whorish whose whoso
whosoever why wicked wickedly
wickedness wide wideness widow
widow_s widowhood widows WIDOW'S
WIDOWS_ wife wife_s WIFE'S
WIFES_ wild wilderness wiles
wilfully wilily will willeth
willing willingly willow willows
wilt wimples win wind
winding window windows winds
windy wine winebibber winebibbers
winefat winepress winepresses wines
wing winged wings wink
winked winketh winneth winnowed
winnoweth winter wintered winterhouse
wipe wiped wipeth wiping
wires wisdom wise wisely
wiser wish wished wishing
wist wit wit_s witch
witchcraft witchcrafts with withal
withdraw withdrawest withdraweth withdrawn
withdrew wither withered withereth
withheld withheldest withhold withholden
withholdeth within without withs
withstand withstood witness witnessed
witnesses witnesseth witnessing WIT'S
WITS_ wittingly witty wives
wives_ wizard wizards woe
woeful woes wolf wolves
woman woman_s womankind WOMAN'S
WOMANS_ womb wombs women
women_s WOMEN'S WOMENS_ womenservants
won wonder wondered wonderful
wonderfully wondering wonderously wonders
wondrous wondrously wont wood
woods woof wool woollen
word word_s words WORD'S
WORDS_ work work_s worker
workers worketh workfellow working
workman workmanship workmen WORKMEN_S
world world_s worldly worlds
WORLD'S WORLDS_ worm worms
wormwood worse worship worshipped
worshipper worshippers worshippeth worshipping
worst worth worthies worthily
worthy wot wotteth would
wouldest wound wounded woundedst
woundeth wounding wounds wove
woven wrap wrapped wrath
wrathful wraths wreath wreathed
wreathen wreaths wrest wrestle
wrestled wrestlings wretched wretchedness
wring wringed wringing wrinkle
wrinkles write writer writer_s
WRITER'S WRITERS_ writest writeth
writing writings written wrong
wronged wrongeth wrongfully wrote
wroth wrought wroughtest wrung

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